Maluch mania

Photo 1.

Toy versions of the Maluch for the youngest were made, among others, by Spółdzielnia Inwalidów ‘Sinol’ (‘Sinol’ Disabled Cooperative) in Oleśnica.

Photo by Jerzy Hankiewicz (collections of the Ossolineum Library / Documents of Social Life Department)

Photo 2.

Mural with the Fiat 126 in an unknown place in Wrocław in the 1970s.

Photo by Stanisław Kokurewicz (collections of ‘Remembrance and Future’ Centre )

Photo 3.

The editors of the satirical magazine ‘Szpilki’ had their own take on the Fiat 126 media frenzy.

‘Szpilki’ cover of 13 May 1973, No. 19 (collections of the Ossolineum Library / Periodicals Department)

Photo 4.

In 1978, a booklet 126 ´ 126p was published. It contained 126 jokes about the small Fiat, submitted for a competition organised by the Polish Press Agency and the Small-Engine Car Factory.

126 ´ 126p, Interpress Publishing House, Warsaw 1978 (collections of Piotr Sroka)

Photo 5, 6, 7.

The Fiat 126p was a frequent subject of jokes, mainly because of its size.

‘Wiadomości’ of 22 February 1973, No. 8 (collections of the Ossolineum Library / Periodicals Department)